Raymond James Trading & Rebalancing System

Raymond James’ award winning trading and rebalancing system is our bespoke portfolio management system, which delivers institutional quality trade generation, portfolio modelling, and rebalancing tools. In addition, it provides simple and intuitive functionality, reducing the time spent managing portfolios.

The model comparison tool provides graphical representation of portfolio positions against agreed tolerances, allowing wealth managers to rebalance at optimal times. Wealth Managers are able to maintain their own trading preferences, giving them more control over their trading process and better equipping them to manage their clients’ investments and to manage risk.

The Raymond James Trading and Rebalancing system provides the following benefits:


systems-integration_60x60pxSYSTEMS INTEGRATION

The system is delivered as an integrated technology solution. You will access all trading functionality within the Raymond James Portal, eliminating the need to login to a separate trading system


simplified-trading-process_60x60pxSIMPLIFIED TRADING PROCESS

No matter how you prefer to enter trades, the Raymond James Trading system enables creation in an intuitive way, with minimal keystrokes


visibility-of-trade-charges_60x60pxVISIBILITY OF TRADE CHARGES AND COMMISIONS

To help you better understand the costs associated with trades, trade charges are calculated and displayed, wherever possible


visual-model-comparrisons_60x60pxVISUAL MODEL COMPARISON

In addition to the current standard tabular views, there will be more graphical model comparison tools, making it easier to view portfolio drifts


add-own-trade-restrictions_60x60pxABILITY TO ADD YOUR OWN TRADE RESTRICTIONS

Set up and maintain your own trade restrictions within your office, and take control of your trading process


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