Raymond James Privacy

Raymond James is committed to establishing and maintaining a culture of privacy compliance. There is a requirement, under data protection legislation to inform data subjects (individuals from we collect personal data) about how we use their personal data.  

We do this by way of the four Privacy Notices below. The Privacy Notices explain:

Please see below links to the four Raymond James Privacy Notices

General Privacy Notice
Client Privacy Notice
Branch Principal, Wealth Manager and Investment Management Platform Firm Privacy Notice
Candidate Privacy Notice

Please Note: i) the Privacy Notice that applies depends on our relationship with you, for example if you are a client of ours then the Client Privacy Notice will apply but if you are a candidate applying for a job with us then the Candidate Privacy Notice will apply; ii) more than one Privacy Notice could apply at any one time, for example, if you are a client of ours but also are applying for a job with us and in such a case, we will deal with your personal data separately under each relationship.

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