Your transition, your way

Every transition to working with Raymond James is well planned in consultation with you every step of the way, and working at a pace that suits you.

Your Relationship Management Team will work in partnership with our Head Office teams, making sure your experience is smooth and seamless.

Towards the end of your transition, we will arrange a comprehensive training plan to introduce you to the wider Raymond James team, our processes and procedures, as well as our systems in depth. We always try to customise where we can, ensuring your specific needs are met.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we typically cover areas such as:

After your first accounts are opened and funded, we will arrange a follow-up training session at your office, giving you an additional opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the systems you’ll be using.

In the background, you’ll also have access to full Head Office support by phone, Zoom or by email, so help will be on hand at all times.

The key to a successful transition, in our experience, is in getting your clients’ assets transferred across as quickly as possible. To make that happen, we provide you with a dedicated resource in each of our Onboarding & Asset Transfers team, and conference calls to keep you informed.

Your Relationship Management Team will guide you through your Transition and support you in every stage of your journey.

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