Employee Affiliation

Employee Affiliation

If you are an investment manager or investment focused financial planner, and you feel ready to pursue your future as an Employed Affiliate with Raymond James, you’ll enjoy a degree of flexibility and control you won’t find in other traditional settings. Reap the rewards of growing and retaining your own client book with a suite of business support providing you with an intuitive administration platform, investor-friendly client reporting, access to market-leading research tools and much more.

Key benefits of Employee Affiliation

Our regulatory compliance and supervision services include:

The Raymond James administration services include access to:

*Research is available via a research aggregation platform. Costs will apply

We are committed to providing wealth managers with a broad range of investment products, tax wrappers, exceptional support and integrated client solutions – along with expertise and support from Raymond James teams to help you build your service and meet the evolving needs of your clients.

We have a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by the firms who work with us, and as such we are fully equipped to offer solutions in a world where regulation is constantly evolving.

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