Investment Management Platform

Investment Management Platform

If you are a directly authorised investment management firm or investment focused financial planning practice, and are looking to enhance your business with the Raymond James Investment Management Platform, you’ll enjoy all the rewards of delivering a highly competitive wealth management solution with optimal efficiency and control.

Raymond James’ Investment Management Platform is the leading platform for firms wishing to ‘insource’ investment management. As an LSE member firm with direct market access to 25+ global exchanges, we are able to provide rapid, cost-effective trade execution for listed securities and funds.

Our platform services are delivered in an open architecture environment, offering unprecedented access to a broad range of assets and tax wrappers, and ensuring there is no conflict to a wealth manager’s unbiased investment selection.

Our Trading and Rebalancing Portfolio Management system provides institutional quality trade generation, portfolio modelling, and rebalancing tools. Our trading solution provides simple and intuitive functionality, reducing the time spent managing portfolios. The model comparison tool provides graphical representation of portfolio positions against agreed tolerances, allowing investment managers to rebalance at optimal times, avoiding unnecessary and costly trading. Wealth Managers are able to maintain their own trading preferences, giving them more control over their trading process and better equipping them to manage their clients’ investments and manage risk.

Raymond James provides the tools and resources for Financial Planners to develop and deliver your Investment Management process

Our tools and resources include:

*Research is available via a research aggregation platform. Costs will apply.

In this business model, a service agreement is established between Raymond James and the intermediary firm.

Whilst our Employee Affiliation, Independent Contracting and Professional Partnership business models offer compliance, supervision, regulatory authorisation and professional indemnity cover, these services are excluded from the Investment Management Platform business model.

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