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We are Focused on the Individual Investor

Raymond James was founded by Robert A. James in 1962 in the U.S. to serve individual clients by examining all aspects of their financial needs while providing sound investment guidance. That tradition lives on today through wealth managers working with the Raymond James family of companies across the UK, US and Canada. Similarly, our corporate culture has always been – and continues to be – grounded in conservative management, high ethical standards, measured growth and a commitment to superior client service.

At Raymond James we understand that the relationship between an client and their wealth manager must be based on professionalism and trust. Hence, the entire infrastructure of our business is based on maintaining a commitment to superior service for clients and their wealth managers and supporting the delivery of high-quality personalised advice to help meet clients’ objectives.

The key to delivering a first class wealth management service lies with identifying a client’s needs and delivering a customised investment solution. Because every client is unique, a one size fits all approach is rarely in a client’s best interest. At Raymond James we believe that by giving wealth managers the ability to select investments and make choices on a purely unbiased basis, this enables them to create the right investment strategy for investors. Wealth managers are not required by us to meet quotas and are under no obligation to use certain products or services. Instead we provide them with access to a comprehensive open architecture platform of products, services, tools and research. With Raymond James providing dedicated support, wealth managers can concentrate on what they do best: creating bespoke financial solutions to meet each client’s needs.

Raymond James Wealth Managers

With Raymond James, wealth managers have a choice of four different business models when deciding to work with us, depending on how they want to run their business. For wealth managers who have chosen to work as Employed Affiliates, Independent Contractors, or Professional Partners the following principles enable them to serve you better:

For those wealth managers whose firm is directly authorised by the FCA, Raymond James provides the same administration platform, including account opening, asset transfers, dealing and settlement services, trading systems, client reporting, research tools and access to the custodian.

Our comprehensive offering takes the administration burden off the wealth managers, so that they can do what they do best… provide clients with financial advice and investment management to help you protect and grow your wealth.

How Raymond James Supports Wealth Managers

See how we partner with Wealth Managers to ensure they have all of the tools and resources which they need to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Working with a Raymond James Wealth Manager

When you become our client, your needs and the portfolios we design based on your objectives drive everything we do.

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