The hip side of exercise

Uncover the coolest trends in breaking a sweat

Staying fit on the go

The top fitness trend since 2016, wearable tech (think Apple Watches and Fitbits) has evolved into personalised healthcare devices – clocking sleep patterns, stress levels, menstrual cycles and even fertility windows.

Boutique meets digital

Peloton streams classes for its sophisticated bikes and treadmills. Mirror offers live and on demand fitness classes on a hidden LCD screen. Brick-and-mortar ones like Barry’s Bootcamp and Core Collective also offer condensed virtual versions of their in-person classes.

Gaming for gymgoers

Merging virtual reality with working out, Fit XR claims to put ‘the fun back into exercise’ by turning fitness into a game. The catch? Body movements control the game. Scientists say VR workouts make exercise 26% more enjoyable.

The future of fitness

Workout pods and yoga domes are a couple of ways COVID-19 has changed the face of fitness. What’s more, 34% of gymgoers have no plans to reactivate their memberships, and 46% of survey participants intend to make virtual classes part of their post-pandemic routines. Not to mention the cost-benefits of these at-home alternatives.

High-tech training

Tech is taking over home gyms. There’s JaxJox’s digital kettlebell system; Tonal, the all-in-one smart gym; the Tangram smart skipping rope; NURVV insoles or Hexoskin clothing, both delivering truly personalised training using cutting edge technology.

There’s an app for that.

Health apps skyrocketed by nearly 50% in the first half of 2020. Front runners included MyFitnessPal, which tracks diet and exercise, and meditation apps like Calm and Headspace.

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