Treating Customers Fairly

What Treating Customers Fairly Means to Raymond James

Raymond James fully endorses the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and we believe that they are aligned with Our Vision to be a financial services firm as unique as the people we serve, transforming lives, businesses and communities through the power of personal relationships and professional advice.

Raymond James considers fair treatment of our clients to be fundamental to our business. Raymond James aims to ensure clients are fairly treated by creating an environment and culture that promotes the consistent delivery of the six consumer outcomes:

Outcome 1: Consumers should have confidence that the fair treatment of clients is central to our corporate culture;

Outcome 2: Products and services should be designed to meet the needs of specific consumers and should only be marketed to those consumers;

Outcome 3: Consumers should be given clear information on the products and services they choose, and they should be kept appropriately informed before, during, and after the point of sale;

Outcome 4: Consumers should receive advice that is suitable for them and that considers their circumstances;

Outcome 5: Consumers should be provided with products and services that perform as we have led them to expect and the associated service should also be an acceptable standard; and

Outcome 6: Consumers should not face unreasonable barriers to change products, switch providers, submit a claim or make a complaint.

Our corporate culture is a vital ingredient to ensure we meet our TCF objectives. You can see more about our culture here.

Raymond James’ Approach to TCF

Raymond James places great value on independent thinking, objective advice and individual solutions.

Because every client is unique, a one size fits all approach is rarely in a client’s best interest. At Raymond James we believe that by giving wealth managers the ability to deliver a customised solution that meets each client’s specific needs, and make investment choices on a purely unbiased basis, wealth managers are able to create the right investment strategy for investors.

In addition, Raymond James has a clearly defined target market. We ensure that the products and services we offer are designed to meet the needs of clients and their wealth managers. Clients receive – either from Raymond James directly or through wealth managers – clear and frequent communications. Wealth managers are not required by us to meet quotas and are under no obligation to use certain products or services. Clients can be confident that Raymond James does not create any unreasonable post sale barriers for them to change products, change firms or make a complaint.

Further examples of our practices that help to foster consistent fair treatment of clients:

As part of our efforts to ensure that the principles of Treating Customers Fairly are embedded within our organisation, we conduct a regular Client Opinion Survey. The goal of the survey is to monitor feedback regarding client satisfaction with the service that Raymond James provides, understand what is important to clients, and identify where improvements could be made. We conduct this survey every two years, and the results of our most recent survey are found here.

We believe our approach harbours a culture of consistently treating clients fairly throughout our organisation. Please see here for further information.

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