Treating Customers Fairly

What Treating Customers Fairly Means to Raymond James

Raymond James fully endorses the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and we believe that they are aligned with our corporate vision to provide superior service to investor clients and their wealth managers.

We always keep in mind that we have differing responsibilities to two sets of clients:

In essence, as a means of delivering on our responsibilities to investor clients, we must also treat our wealth managers fairly who in turn provide services to these investors.

Raymond James places great value on independent thinking, objective advice and individual solutions.

We have a clearly defined target market, and Raymond James wealth managers in turn have identified their target investor clients. We ensure that the products and services we offer are designed to meet the needs of these wealth managers and investors. Investor clients receive – either from Raymond James directly or through wealth managers – clear and frequent communications. Wealth managers are not required by us to meet quotas and are under no obligation to use certain products or services. Wealth managers can be confident that Raymond James does not create any unreasonable post sale barriers for them or their clients to change products, change firms or make a complaint.

Raymond James’ Approach to TCF

Raymond James has always sought to balance the independence of our branches with the regulatory reality of Raymond James being viewed as one firm by the FCA. We provide investment management and advice to investor clients of branches. We believe that TCF does not only relate to this investment management and advice, but also to the administration services provided to all investor clients of both branches and firms using our Investment Management Platform. We must therefore be satisfied that TCF is being addressed at multiple levels within the firm.

Raymond James has a unique proposition, and many aspects lend themselves to delivering fair treatment to both investor clients and wealth managers. For example:

The dual requirements of ensuring the TCF outcomes can be evidenced for investors as well as wealth managers are equally important for Raymond James. We feel this approach harbours a culture of fair treatment throughout our organisation.

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