Case Study: Investment Management Platform

Ian Brady and Jeremy Arthur

Harpsden Wealth Management Ltd

Ian Brady and Jeremy Arthur

  • Jeremy Arthur worked in agriculture and commodity trading before moving into wealth management.
  • Ian Brady was an S&P “AA” rated fund manager at Invesco Perpetual.
  • Jeremy and Ian founded Harpsden Wealth Management in 2008.
  • Harpsden Wealth Management services include strategic financial planning, portfolio management, risk mitigation, estate and tax planning.
  • Their proposition is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, company directors, lawyers, accountants, trustees and wealthy families.
  • Harpsden Wealth Management were highly commended in the 2017 Money Marketing Awards – Best Investment Adviser category, and won two Gold Standard Awards in 2013 for Wealth Management and Discretionary Portfolio Management.

Why we chose Raymond James as our business partner

Ian: Raymond James offers us access to a wide array of research much more cost effectively than we could acheive on our own. As I have an institutional fund management background that is vitally important to me. The integrated dealing and reporting as well as the online portfolio analysis are also very attractive. When you align the above with competitive pricing, it is a very good, comprehensive offering. Jeremy: Raymond James’ open architecture platform, with a transparent charging structure and access to a wide range of asset classes and investment vehicles, gives us the ability to create bespoke portfolios for our clients. It is a platform designed specifically for the target market that we service.

Getting started

Jeremy: “When we were starting out, we wanted to put in place a business infrastructure that was scalable and sustainable to support future growth. We wanted to outsource as much of the business functionality as possible. Raymond James provided us with a full support package including an open architecture administration platform, client reporting, research tools and technology solutions.”

What we get from our partnership with Raymond James

Ian: Because we were able to outsource a lot of the functionality to Raymond James, we did not have to incur any fixed costs before the revenue came in. It is a ‘pay as you go’ system. We provide Raymond James with a percentage as our business grows. The knowledge that you don’t need to make a large investment when you are starting out, is vital for any start-up or small company. Raymond James makes the investment for you. If we did not have this backing, our growth would have been constrained. To do it on our own would have been expensive and time consuming.

Jeremy: We set up Harpsden Wealth Management during a turbulent time in the financial services industry. It was helpful to be able to tell clients that we were not physically handling their money. Raymond James, with Pershing as custodian, provides a peace of mind from a client perspective.

Ian: As our clients can be quite demanding, it is important for us to deal with a firm that minimises the chance and the number of errors. Raymond James helped us in becoming efficient very quickly. The Training team visited our office, providing us with extensive training on the Raymond James
systems. The accessibility to training has been key. Support is always accessible online and over the phone. This is very helpful.

Jeremy: We have attended the Raymond James Professional Development Forum every year since joining Raymond James. This event brings us up to speed with industry best practice, current issues, compliance, IT and service offerings as well as the positioning of respected fund managers all in a
two-day gathering. However, I find that the main benefit is the opportunity to network and learn from our peers.

Jeremy: In some respects, the functionality offered by Raymond James is better than some of the private banks. Being able to trade in blocks of clients saves us a lot of time and keeps client fees low. The ability to view and trade a consolidated client portfolio across a variety of tax wrappers is very helpful. Being able to review a group portfolio allows us to determine if we are meeting the objectives of a group and thus provide holistic financial  advice.

Ian: When we meet with clients it is handy to have a report that outlines every transaction. From a client facing perspective, the information available from the Raymond James systems enables us to have enriched client meetings. Clients also like the fact that they can access their portfolios online.

Jeremy: We set up with the Retail Distribution Review in mind. For us to be able to say to our clients: “The service that we provide is completely transparent” is very important – now more than ever before.”

In Summary

Ian: Raymond James enables us to have scalability, allowing us to grow our business without having to incur large upfront costs.

Jeremy: We annually review the providers that we outsource to. For our target market, we have not found another firm that can provide a better offering at the same competitive price that is offered to us by Raymond James.

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